The P8G Studio was founded in 2013 by 5 professional technology area residing between Rio and São Paulo, together with the purpose of developing intelligent and innovative games. Working with such an eclectic team, in places with such different proposals and different cultures has become a major challenge, overcome with a lot of creativity.

The creativity of the group can be referenced with a greater qualities of the same. An extremely creative team and updated with the new market trends, seeking to create alternatives to meet a broad and direct customer expectations.

The P8G Studio seeks to create a harmonious integration of the disclosure required by marketing with digital entertainment tools in order to promote greater acceptance of the target audience, creating a new way of businesses to engage their products with their potential customers.


Promote the development of digital and virtual entertainment tools, allowing users, customers and the community in general, enjoy products that encourage logical thinking, attention and the ability to intelligent interaction.

Develop creative good quality products, ensuring the support and good service, enabling with this, growth and development.

Develop tools that can contribute to the spread of culture, entertainment and leisure.


The P8G Studio would like to share all the partners that have contributing to that dreams can be achieved.

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The P8G Studio is a Brazilian company associated with
Brazilian Association of Digital Games Developers..